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We are strategic.

1. Invest in High Performers
2. Drive Innovation
3. Manage Risk

Digital Assets | Blockchain | Fintech | Artificial Intelligence | NFT | Media | Securitized Digital Assets | Market Systems



Investment and Advisory Team

Enzo Villani

Chairman and CEO

Michael Terpin

General Partner, Board Member

Wes Levitt, CFA

Co-CIO, General Partner

Michael Onghai, CFA

Co-Founder, General Partner

Michael Shuler

CEO, Content Syndicate and Blockchain Wire

Steve Kanaval

Portfolio Management, Research

Patrick Martin

General Partner, Europe

Seth Shapiro

Partner, Media and Entertainment


F. Dan Siciliano

Advisor, Legal and Finance, Late Stage Venture


Alan Ginsberg

Advisor, Investment Banking, Fintech


Tom Richer

Advisor, Enterprise Computing and Cloud


Charles Marino

Advisor, Cyber and Physical Security, Government

Operations Team

Sandra Ditore

SVP, Investor Relations

Matthew Mousa

Associate, Research

Fund Administrator: NAV Consulting

Auditor: Grant Thornton

Legal: Dickerson Wright, Schumaker Mallory

Bermuda Feeder: Alpha Innovations

Our Story
​We are Founders
The team at ATH are also founders. MarketWire, Nasdaq Corporate Solutions, DF King Worldwide, Transform Group and Ventures, BitAngels, Theta Labs, Clarity Games, Wire Network, Alpha Sigma Capital, Blockchain Moon Acquisition Corp,

We are Early Investors

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Coinbase, Ripple, Polkadot, Solana, Quant, Audius, SingularityNet,, Ocean, Theta, Decentraland, Splinterlands, Wax, Augur, EOS, Tether, Neo, NEM, Stellar, Golem, Gnosis, Tezos, Qtum, Origin Trail, Wire Network, Altered State Machine, Carry, Perk, Rair, Megamask, DLTx, Venkman Holdings, Breshna, XSet.

  • Over $1B invested across PE, startup and M&A

  • Over 300 Web3 Projects Since 2013

  • Invested in over 50 companies over the last 3 years

Who We Are

Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH) is a new holding company created from the merger of strategic assets controlled by Enzo Villani of Alpha Sigma Capital and Michael Terpin of Transform Ventures. These assets include combining our market-leading advisory services with Alpha Sigma’s existing research, strategy and token facility offerings to create a powerful “one-stop shop” for digital asset companies, foundations and projects of all sizes and orientations. 


To shepherd in a new era of financial and technological innovation leveraging decentralization, blockchain technology and Web3 infrastructure.

About Us




Strategic Advisory

We've been strategic advisors to some of the largest projects in the technology industry. Our advisors work with top brands in strategic, executive, investment and marketing roles. 


ATH currently has three funds that we deploy capital from. Our funds include a blockchain hybrid liquid venture fund, a liquid digital assets fund, and a technology venture fund that focuses on AI, fintech, and web3.


> Alpha Sigma Capital Web3 Fund

(Venture and Liquid Digital Assets

> Alpha Liquid

(Liquid Digital Asset Hedge Fund)

What We Offer


Alpha Sigma Capital Research has been read in over 65 countries by thousands of investors and the digital asset curious. To apply to receive our research please go to:

Channel Partners

ATH advisors works with our portfolio companies and their networks to provide unparalleled access to strategic partnerships, co-investment funds, clients, and general supportive services to assist our companies to scale and success.

Strategic Exits

As advisors from traditional and digital asset finance, our team of advisors and strategic partners provide strategic exit opportunities and options that leverage current market conditions with a roadmap to success. Our investment banking partners, attorneys, and auditors are an important part of the network you access as one of our portfolio companies. 


Deep Industry Knowledge

We're founders, bankers, strategists, technologists, and designers. Our team has a deep bench of experienced executives who have been on the forefront of innovation and technology expansion. Conservatively, our advisors have raised over $10 billion. Built, advised and invested in over 500 companies, with excess of over 10,000 corporate clients combined and millions of customers. 

Network Effects

ATH's network runs deep. We have relationships across the globe in over 65 countries and millions of investors and potential customers. Our Research arm provides in-depth research on companies we follow and invest into.


Our channel partnerships include BitAngels, which is a syndicated network in over 25 cities. We co-invest with our network and gain some of the best deal-flow in the world because of it. 

Risk Management

As traditional financial executives and founders/operators, we focus on self regulation and managing risk across all facets including counterparties, leverage, and regulatory. 

Why Us


Our portfolio of companies includes investments via Alpha Sigma Capital, wholly owned subsidiaries and special situations. As founders and strategic investors, ATH is very active in assisting our companies across the spectrum of services we offer.


Media, Entertainment, Gaming​

Artificial Intelligence (AI, AGI and ML)

Financial Technology, Data, and Digital Asset Tokenization​

Protocols, Knowledge Graphs, Interoperability

Bitcoin Mining and Decentralized Node Management

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